Volume 14: Fiscal Decentralisation in Transition Countries

This volume represents a set of articles of Russian and foreign experts in the field of public finance management.
The articles consider international experience in solving typical problems of fiscal decentralization e.g.: expenditures and revenues assignment, intergovernmental grants and equalization, new financial principles introduction and non-governmental organizations involving into the budget process.

Authors of the articles were students of the Summer University Training Course on Intergovernmental
Fiscal Relations and Local Financial Management organized by the Central
European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary (2000-2006).

ISSN 1991-05-09



Vladimir Klimanov
Improvement of the System of Intergovernmental Transfers from Federal Budget  

Erny Murniasih
Is the new intergovernmental equalisation grant in Indonesia equalizing?   Annotation



Lucie Sedmihradska
Municipal finance and budgeting in the Czech Republic   Annotation



Sabina-Margarita Dzalaeva
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relationships in Tajikistan Analysis   Annotation



Cristina Chiriac
Autonomy of Local Governments in Moldova: A Financial Perspective   Annotation



Nadezhda Babko
Budget Reform and Education System in Russia: Implementation of Per Capita Financing Principles


Yuliana Chavdarova Galabinova
Bulgarian subnational authorities in the process of decentralization of the government   Annotation



Tommy T. Adams
Revenue Assignment in Sierra Leone    Annotation



Elena Fedorova
Regional experience and perspectives of providing of public services by non-governmental organizations in Russia